MVM minimal viable metrics

MVM or minimal viable metrics is the idea that you do not need to monitor every single aspect of a system to deduce its state or performance. Rather we can focus on a minimal set of metrics that infer state and performance without the headache of monitoring literally every metric available.

Joyent Triton Object Storage now available in

Spearhead Cloud now offers Joyent Manta object storage.

Three steps to monitoring and staying sane

Three steps to monitoring and staying sane. A look at how to monitor your systems and applications while keeping false alarms at bay.

Latest Version of Red Hat Ansible Engine Enables New Cloud Features

Red Hat Ansible Engine 2.6 extends automation across AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and VMware, brings new capabilities to network and Windows environments


Afterthoughts after the second Check_MK conference and our presentation on building a feedback-loop that can auto-repair and auto-scale.

Tutorial: How to install Check_MK

The need to know the status of your IT infrastructure has always been a necessity. The large number of monitoring solutions available today in the market proves this necessity. Check out how we get down to business with IT monitoring.