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At Spearhead.Cloud, we're the architects of exceptional cloud solutions. With over two decades of expertise in building and managing mission-critical IT systems, we've harnessed that experience to create a specialised high-performance managed-cloud.

Our goal?

Delivering world-class performance and unwavering stability, all while reducing costs and boosting availability for our valued clients.

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A radically simplified cloud experience

spearhead.cloudhas everything you need to get started with the public cloud quickly and easily: virtual servers, containers, networks and storage built to deliver performance, stability and scalability. It allows hosting email collaboration services, websites and web applications, e-commerce platforms, database clusters and high-performance operating systems and containers. Flexible and most of all, extremely simple to use (even for those with no developer skills), is ideal for big data applications or high-transaction workloads that do not tolerate latency. Reasonable and transparent pricing with plans starting from 0,003 USD / hour and a no fuss 30-day free trial. 

Complete application support

Whether you are working on a modern based application delivery framework, using traditional approaches or a mix, we are ready to help. Our engineers run deep and wide, providing everything you need to get started quickly, safely and securely.

A simplified approach to VM’s and Containers offers a cloud computing experience that is simple to use yet powerful, stable and secure. We provide multiple virtualization and containerization technologies all delivered in a seamless and unified manner. Everything you expect from a global public cloud such as rich API’s, built-in features for monitoring, GUI’s for management and more are all available in our easy to use service.

Tested methodology for the cloud mind-set

Going hybrid or implementing a multi-cloud strategy, moving current applications and operations to cloud is a true challenge and getting the most of out of cloud means using the cloud wisely. Choosing whether to lift-and-shift or redesign an application for the cloud is tough challenge but one that experience, pragmatism and technical know-how can overcome.

Great customer service

Spearhead is about great services, whether we build our own systems to support us and our customers or we use our partners the bottom line for us is customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on delivering a quality service that is second to none.  serves all major industries










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