OpenShift or Kubernetes?
Is OpenShift a better option than vanilla Kubernetes?
3 May, 2023 by
OpenShift or Kubernetes?
Spearhead Systems, Marius Pana

As you may be aware there is a lot of hype around container orchestration and the market leader Kubernetes. Beyond the hype however, is there any merit to it? Undoubtedly Google created and release Kubernetes to relevantly position itself in the container and cloud computing space. There is not doubt Kubernetes has changed the container landscape, admittedly for the better but we're now looking at many different Kubernetes distributions, each with its own opinionated methodologies and tools.

To answer the question, "OpenShift or vanilla Kubernetes", is not that simple. It really depends on your specific needs and use case

OpenShift is a distribution of Kubernetes that includes additional features and capabilities beyond what is provided by vanilla Kubernetes. OpenShift provides a range of features that make it easier to deploy and manage containerized applications at scale, including integrated container registry, build automation, and advanced security and compliance features.

One of the key advantages of OpenShift is that it provides a more opinionated and integrated solution than vanilla Kubernetes, which can be beneficial for organizations that want to simplify their deployment and management of containerized applications. OpenShift also provides a more streamlined developer experience, with integrated tools for building and deploying applications.

However, there are some trade-offs to consider when using OpenShift. It is a more complex and feature-rich solution than vanilla Kubernetes, which can require more expertise to deploy and manage. Additionally, OpenShift is a commercial offering from Red Hat and may have additional licensing costs compared to vanilla Kubernetes.

Ultimately, the decision to use OpenShift vs. vanilla Kubernetes will depend on your specific needs and requirements. If you need a more integrated and opinionated solution with advanced features, OpenShift may be a better option. If you prefer a more flexible and customisable solution or want to avoid licensing costs, vanilla Kubernetes may be a better fit.

Whatever you require, spearhead can help you choose the right solution.

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OpenShift or Kubernetes?
Spearhead Systems, Marius Pana 3 May, 2023
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