Checkmk 2.2 Crash Course

This Checkmk crash course is specifically for the 2.2.0 version. Experience with IT systems and some knowledge about Checkmk is presumed.

This crash course is not a replacement for the Basics trainings, rather an add-on for those migrating or wanting to catch up on Checkmk 2.2 specifics.

Private Course
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Responsible Marius Pana
Last Update 02/07/2024
Members 1
  • Pre Course Questionnaire
    • Checkmk 2.2 Pre Questionnaire
  • Introduction
    • Overview of monitoring concepts and the importance of monitoring IT infrastructure.
    • Introduction to Checkmk
    • Community and Resources
  • Installation and Setup
    • Installing Checkmk server software
    • Configuration and Initial setup
    • Upgrade to 2.2.0
  • Monitoring Configuration
    • Adding Hosts
    • Host Tags
    • Service discovery
    • Host and Service Groups
    • Contacts and Contact Groups
  • Notifications
    • Introduction to notifications
  • Graphing and Reporting
    • Measured values and graphs
  • Post Course Questionnaire
    • Checkmk 2.2 Post Questionnaire