Joyent Triton Object Storage now available in

[ 04 05 2019 ]
[ Mihai Ion ]

Manta is an open-source, scalable, HTTP-based object store developed by Joyent (A Samsung owned company). Object storage is a piece of infrastructure that is ubiquitous in modern IT infrastructures, specifically the cloudy type. People use object storage for different purposes, we we're interested in object storage to help our cloud customers with the following use cases:

  • backup and recovery
  • CDN (storage and distribution)

After implementation however we quickly learned our customers had many other scenarios in mind and quickly grew to image and video processing, analytics and realtime applications.

Today we are proud and happy to announce that our object storage service is ready for use. We would not be able to deliver this service without the help and great work of engineers from Joyent/Samsung who have enabled us to once again stand on the shoulders of giants.

We currently operate a single region MANTA cluster located in our European, Bucharest datacenter. The vast majority of our traffic is from the EMEA region but looking at bit closer we can breakdown the traffic to the following regions by volume/requests:

  • Eastern Europe is our main consumer
  • MENA is a close second
  • APAC
  • AMER in fourth place (with South America leading the way)

MANTA allows us to provide our customers a first class object storage, that is close to their systems (servers and applications) but also helps them scale out as it can be publicly acceisble from anywhere in the world.

If your would like more information please visit and make sure you sign-up for a free-trial to get a real taste of our systems.