BUCHAREST – Tuesday, 6 november 2018, representatives of the business environment, international associations, IT specialists, chambers of commerce and embassies, as well as the academic community met at the third edition of the SMART ALLIANCE INNOVATION SUMMIT. The event brought together more than 500 participants around the „Romanian Innovation Engine” theme.

Spearhead Systems, a founding member of the Smart Alliance Cluster, presented in a panel its vision for a public cloud.

spearhead.cloud is a radically simplified cloud experience, a new generation of public and hybrid cloud based 100% on a native container infrastructure runnning at bare metal speeds.   Created based on pragmatic experience of over 20 years, the approach is simple, modern and allows businesses to focus on getting things done rather than on technology. It is the ultimate tool for digital transformation without the exaggeration and hype that is common in most modern technologies.

Marius Pana, CTO and Founder of Spearhead, presented the advantages offered by spearhead.cloud:   - affordable (on average 50% cost reduction) - real-time scaling to master unique challenges  - 100% open source (ensure cloud portability)  - simplified experience   spearhead.cloud is a unique open source, custom built platform that runs operating environments on VMs, containers and bare metal while offering great performance, scalability and security. Simplified manafgement operations makes it appealing for both experienced and non-experienced cloud users. The real value is in the full-stack support and services offered which are missing from major public cloud vendors.

The success of the event, which took place at the Intercontinental Hotel in Bucharest, was given by the participation of over 40 different industries, represented by over 500 business people, and by the high degree of innovation presented at the event both by partners but especially from members.

Spearhead shared the stage with its top tier partners, Bitdefender and Lenovo. Bitdefender helps Spearhead and its customers secure and protect vital business information while Lenovo provides the absolute best in infrastructure, datacenter and high performance computing equipment.

Spearhead provides professional IT services and technologies to help people and businesses get things done. With a strong focus on delivering a professional IT experience we offer high performance solutions for your complex computing requirements.