Welcome to the CEO Corner
Welcome, this is the place to hear and interact with our CEO. Subscribe for monthly articles, reading-lists, thoughts and more.
31 March, 2023 by
Welcome to the CEO Corner
Spearhead Systems, Marius Pana

Welcome, I hope you find these pages to be of value and give you some insight into the hows and whys of our company, culture, industry, technologies on more. This is a journey, destination unknown, so sit tight as we begin to prepare.

In the weeks ahead I am planning articles around technologies we use, to dive into potential future technologies of interest and much more. We will be looking at short format posts, longer format articles and whatever is in between.

For the moment, I know I want to share with you my reading list. My reading list consists of blogs, newsletters, books, podcasts and more that I find truly valuable. They range from highly technical to wellbeing and fitness. I hope these may be an inspiration for you as they have been for me.

So far that what the CEO Corner is all about. I hope you subscribe and follow along as we continue our journey to be your trusted IT service provider in the ever evolving world of cloud and digital platforms.

Hang on just a little longer as I prepare my first list to share with you. 

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Welcome to the CEO Corner
Spearhead Systems, Marius Pana 31 March, 2023
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